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Nitrox diving training and special diving planned next saturday

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Nitrox diving training and special diving planned next saturday

A la barre du Nahoon, épave coulée pour la plongée


Paradis Plongée offers you a Nitrox training this Saturday,21st October.

Course of the training: the training is carried out on two dives. We take advantage of this to offer you special dives, starting with the Nahoon and La petite sirène.
The “Diamond Rock” followed by “L’arche”, the Nahoon and the “petite Jurasse”, or St Pierre with the “Canyons of Babodie”, “la perle” or ” the submarine”.

Why Nitrox? Nitrox makes it possible to dive with a lower saturation rate. This allows us to do many dives without fatigue and greatly reduces decompression problems.

Who should attend this training? To all certified divers. However, it is better to be Level 2 certified or to have the PE40 (or to pass them) to take full advantage of the special dives organized during the training.

Prices :

 € 100 for Nitrox certified divers
€ 150 for divers wishing to pass the Nitrox certification
€ 250 to pass the PE40 + Nitrox certifications (including 4 dives, the last two with Nitrox)

 To book, call us at +33(0)6 96 34 56 16
See you on saturday!

Paradis Plongée’s team

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