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Contest: what is this fish?

21 January 2018 at 18 h 52 min | Latest news from Paradis Plongée, Paradis Plongée | 5 comments


Who will tell us what is this fish?

On the way of a scuba dive we crossed this extremely rare specimen… That gave me an idea: organizing you a small contest:

I offer a dive to the first who will find what fish it is!

three tails fish, croupia roche, Lobotes surinamensis

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5 comments for “Contest: what is this fish?”

  1. Laura GOUYER says:

    Bonjour Fred
    C’ets Peut être un mérou léopard?

  2. Christelle et Benoît PEREZ says:

    Bonjour Fred
    Serait-ce un Croupia Roche en surface ?

  3. Christelle et Benoît PEREZ says:

    Nouvel essai : le poisson-feuille ?

  4. Cathy et Léna says:

    Bonjour Fred,
    Je pense que c’est un Cœlacanthe.😉
    Bisous Léna et Cathy

  5. Régis Marchal says:

    Bonjour Fred,

    Ne serait-ce pas un juvénile de mérou rayé?

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