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(Re) discover the Pointe Borgnese with a new point of view

1 February 2018 at 8 h 41 min | Latest news from Paradis Plongée, Paradis Plongée | No comment


(Re) discover the Pointe Borgnese and Les Boucaniers with a new point of view

Pointe Borgnèse and Les Boucaniers are popular dive spots for first dives and explorations. Their geographical situations and underwater richness make them particularly suitable places to make your first bubbles.

I propose today to rediscover these dive sites from the air with a drone, on the boat and under water. Have a lookt at Kroket Productions pictures :


Pointe Borgnèse

Poisson Lion à la Pointe Borgnèse

Corail pointe Borgnèse

Plongeur paradis plongée

Plongeurs pointe borgnese martinique

Poisson coffre Martinique

Pointe Borgnese vue drone

Pointe Borgnèse Paradis plongée

Sainte Luce vue drone

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