Paradis Plongée Martinique, Centre de Plongée au Marin

Want to dive with us in Martinique?


Paradis Plongée is a diving center located in Le Marin, Martinique. The club is managed by the joyful and ever-smiling Fred. Small-sized and tightly-knit, it provides the perfect conditions to enjoy the best diving sites of Southern Martinique!

The center welcomes everyone: children & adults, beginners & advanced divers, for first dives, explorations or certifications courses.
Paradis Plongée also offers snorkeling excursions.

Plonger en Martinique avec Paradis Plongée, Le Marin

We go diving most of the times in very small groups, depending on each others levels. That’s why we arrange 3 departures a day.
Thus, advanced divers can discover a new site on each dive or even enjoy special trips like two tanks or night dives, the Diamond Rockthe Nahoon wreck, …
That is perfect for beginners too, who dive on sites suitable to their level. Finally, this allows groups with people at different levels but willing to dive together (friends, family, …).

Our premises include changerooms, showers and toilets. Everything is arranged so that we can quitely debrief our dives there after return, enjoying a traditional Planteur cocktail. The boat is only a few meter away. You will not have to carry your equipment, it will wait for you on the boat.

Situation du club Paradis Plongée : premises, pontoon and boat!

Our “Aqualung” gear has been completely renewed recently. You have the choice between short and long wetsuits.
Those willing to bring their own equipment can store it in the clubhouse during their stay, avoiding to carry it for each dive.

The boat is a “Fusion” speedboat with a 200hp motor. We reached most of our sites within 15 minutes. You will not have time to be seasick! It allows up to 12 passengers and is equiped with all safety material the French laws require. It is regularly controled by authorities.

Hope to see you soon to dive in Martinique with us!